my fears

Similarly to how it is important to recognize what makes you happy, I believe it is also important to know your fears. This will allow you to overcome them – one fear at a time.

So here are my fears (in no particular order):

  1. the dark
  2. scary movies
  3. the unknown
  4. snakes
  5. spiders
  6. clowns
  7. rejection
  8. the future
  9. mirrors (at night)
  10. reflections at night
  11. being alone for a long time
  12. shadows
  13. ghosts
  14. failing
  15. dying
  16. heights
  17. embarrassment
  18. storms
  19. not being good enough
  20. speaking in front of large crowds
  21. scary halloween stuff
  22. being out late at night by myself

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