Things To Love About Myself

Self-discovery. Like what I said about self-reflection, it is also important to take a moment to discover yourself. You’ll find that you learn and be more aware of things about yourself, even if you already believe you know yourself very well.

To start this, I have created a list of things to answer the question of “What do I love about myself?”

  1. my intelligence
  2. my humor
  3. my laugh
  4. my work ethic
  5. my taste in movies
  6. my taste in music
  7. my taste in shows
  8. my photography skills
  9. my love for animals
  10. my love (adoration) for cats
  11. my ability to see the potential for things
  12. my ability to learn things quickly
  13. my writing skills
  14. my ability to [decently] play the violin
  15. my Asian hair
  16. my nails (even though they break a lot)
  17. my curiosity
  18. my generosity
  19. my refusal to go against what I believe in
  20. my passion for things I love
  21. my commitment to better health
  22. my time management skills
  23. my appetite
  24. my laziness
  25. my driving skills
  26. my stubbornness
  27. my memory
  28. my language learning skills
  29. my appreciation of nature
  30. my math skills
  31. my science skills
  32. my want to strive to do better
  33. my ethnicity
  34. my random cravings
  35. my odd way of doing certain things

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

 – Buddha



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